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it must be a time, very comfortable, being used will be how to keep different varieties of flooring, but very comfortable, in the course of using, is always an individual from the floor, the following is a summary of the various ways depends on the maintenance of the floor.

       laminate flooring

       flooring laminate flooring than wood is very simple don't rinse with plenty of water to keep the floor dry, floor, to avoid water penetration. Cleanup is a smooth and constant ventilation, sunlight, neutral detergent to wet with rain, the air in the room, the floor does not need a wax paintings and instead extend the life of the floor in order to strengthen, should be polished with sandpaper.

       engineered wood flooring

       maintenance of parquet wood flooring, easy maintenance.

keep the floor dry, clean and dripping to MOP the floor with a MOP, wipe it with alkali, soapy water daily, you will not be able to effectively protect the floor.

       wood floors

       solid wood floor maintenance is one of the more complex products are qualified, quality problems, improper installation or use. Laying of floor installation to avoid wet soap alkaline water and water to implement separation of waterproof, waterproof treatment on the ground, you need to run the bathroom and bedroom. Exposure, I drew the curtains, avoid Sun through cameras in the room air conditioners, summer is not open and that is too low. Must be retrieved from the floor as soon as possible, this is a new, old glue and dust off shell or plastic compression in the middle of the floor coating floor is removed. Monthly maintenance waxes, wax and dirt in front of clean water is the best way.