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over the years, many buildings using geothermal heating, setting off a new style of comfortable life. In the context of geothermal heating, under the influence of temperature and humidity of the Earth's surface are more likely to cause floor expansion, faults, so the floor "skin" is particularly important. And because the heating system is relatively complex, has some influence on the floor, also increased the floor "skin" of difficulty.

gratifying is that recently, "new trends in   new" 2011 Press Conference of China National forest products industry association and three-layer parquet development forum was held in Beijing, issued a three-layer engineered flooring buying guide to paving (the Guide) and a series of specifications for flooring industry and research reports. On the heated floor maintenance, and so on, has been answered in this guide.

the heating season comes, check that the heating system is leaking is essential. Geothermal belongs to the concealment project, hot pipes buried in the ground is relatively complex, so before heating, consumers should carefully check for water leakage, preventing water leakage caused by soaking the floor, reducing the service life of floor. Especially after geothermal over useful life, geothermal pipes water all the year round, it is increasing the risk of leakage, damage to the floor.

as we all know, wood Hygroscopicity, easy swelling shrinkage, best heating the ground moisture is less than 10%, but also be aware not to use a damp MOP to clean the floor, if the indoor humidity is too high, humidity measures should be taken. Apart from humidity, and temperature on the floor also has a certain impact. In the use of floor heating systems, slow heating to prevent floor crack deformation.

in geothermal heating, heating up too fast, the floor may be distorted by expansion fault; when the weather gets warm stops heating, geothermal systems are slowly closed, otherwise it will affect the service life of floor not cold or hot. General indoor temperature is usually controlled at 27 degrees below in more suprior room relative humidity is usually controlled, favorable external environment conducive to the formation of the floor.

to meet the needs of consumers seeking beautiful decoration, three-layer parquet of the permeability of the surface can be covered with carpets, but does not let you overwrite (1.5 square meters or more) airtight materials such as PVC. The floor surface is radiating surface, try not to fix on the floor trim or placed with no legs of furniture so as not to affect the hot air flow, leading to poor heating effect.

Guide in the also pointed out that, for extended geothermal environment Xia floor of using life, recommends consumers can select three layer wood composite floor, the floor used three layer criss-cross structure, stable sex strong; usually selection oak wood, and ash, and maple wood, strength good, and stability high of quality wood, in "dire straits" in the also has well of performance, for geothermal environment Xia of Pu loaded conservation.

winter indoor temperature and humidity variation on the floor "skin care" required special attention, some tips for floor geothermal environment conservation, hopes to help consumers resolve problems encountered in the day-to-day, so that consumers feel warm in the cold winter at home, comfortable and pleasant home life.