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in Japan, and diatoms slime as the preferred kindergartens and children's room decoration materials. In recent years, the building materials enterprises diatoms slime have been introduced. It is understood that the diatom mud wall material can be

growth of children to create a more comfortable space. The adsorption of harmful substances at the same time, surface of micro-hole will change with the indoor temperature, constant moisture absorption, and diatoms slime

when the water molecules into positive and negative ions in Group floating in the air, has a strong sterilization capabilities. Meanwhile, diatoms slime micro pore can greatly reduce transmission of sound waves in the air

broadcast, so the noise, noise reduction effect is significant, can improve the child's quality of sleep. In addition, diatoms slime by inorganic pigment color, pastel, which serve to protect the

role in children, also have fire-retardant, unique textures, easily stained with dust, wall color, timeless and so on.

ecological environmental building materials branch of the China building materials Federation Vice Chairman Zheng Aimin appeal, manufacturers should invest more in children's room decoration of special building materials research, hope Silicon

suppliers develop more diatom algae mud clay as a material of special building materials for kids room decoration. It is reported that within one month from the '' Children's Day '' of children's day, Otsu, companies in the country

range will decorate households to provide rooms for children-and diatoms slime green wall materials. One-time purchase of Otsu diatom mud lake series 100 square meters decoration

, will receive 30 square metres of kids room wall decoration, and Otsu seeks distributors, contact your local authorized indoor environment test Department, during the signing of the

decoration for free testing.

      children's room wall materials environmental alternative

If the renovation is not using diatoms slime, and stick with the traditional wall materials and experts also introduced two other wall materials suitable for children's room. Experts say that in selecting paint,

environmental protection shall be indicators, best selection of paint for children. Compared to conventional paint, children paint harmful heavy metals content is extremely low, to prevent excessive heavy metals entering the children's body

and modulate it all with clean water, cut off the root causes of benzene solvent the toxic ways of children.

in addition, the Rainbow wall cloth can also use graffiti as a children's room wall decoration materials. First of all, compared with regular paint, and Rainbow wall with toxic substances

volatile small, should not be released often lead in their paint benzene and other harmful substances. Secondly, the Rainbow wall of graffiti itself can host a child likes to paint nature, fully

children's ability to play, from an early age, full of imagination and coordination. Such a choice, two birds.