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      first, the smell. Now selling wooden furniture on the market, in addition to solid wood furniture, most have a panel component. So when you buy the special highlights the smell. If you keep the flow

tears, sneezing, description of furniture formaldehyde emissions are higher, there may be a problem, not to buy.

Second, read the report. Consumers ask the dealer for quality inspection reports, examine whether the formaldehyde furniture in the scope permitted by the standard. National standard of the Interior

under the limit of harmful substances of wood based furniture decoration materials, formaldehyde emissions in the wood furniture cannot be greater than 1.5 milligrams per litre, as buying wood furniture in formaldehyde standard do not buy,

recommend to E1 standard plates manufactured furniture, only up to E1 standard plates can is harmless to human body.

third, the asking price. Formaldehyde most wood furniture cheap artificial boards, wood furniture package super low price ″ ″. Thanks to cheap artificial Board

using poor quality glue, causing dangerous levels of formaldehyde emission.

four, to sign the agreement. Customer when purchasing the furniture with the best of the signing of the contract of sale of furniture and environmental clauses written into the contracts.

five, invoicing. Now a large number of dealers, consumers lured by low prices, emblazoned with receipts, walk away, and the quality issue to complaints,

this type of informal invoice is often difficult as valid evidence, so buyers must dealer issue regular invoices. In order to allow consumers to thoroughly rest assured, Coleman stores the PIN

every kind of furniture for sale, in the receipt of payment or contract indicated on the plate are up to E1 standard, and legal responsibilities.