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water absorption refers to the opening hole after water absorption of ceramic products, inhaled water percentage of weight of the total product weight. National standard using the boiling method testing, drying of ceramic products

put into boiling water and boil two hours later, cooled to room temperature, and then calculate the inhalation of water to weight ratio.

   clearly, the inhalation of water and water-absorbing speed is not the same. Often when consumers buy ceramic tiles, use "drops of water on the back of the tile" method

don't tile---water, high water absorption, water slowly, product quality is bad and vice versa, low water absorption, good product quality. In fact, the "tile

back drop "to determine the water absorption rate is unscientific, for the following reasons: first, with two pieces of sponge, a dry and a wet, dry sponge water infiltration, damp sponge

absorbs water quickly, but cannot say that high rate of water absorption of moisture, dry little water absorption, which involves the question of wettability between solid-liquid two tiles factory generally been a dry

drying process for this factory of ceramic tile, with a water absorption rate of the drop test, it is big, and stored for a long time, then this method is not accurate, because as

fruit tiles if you long in humid air, higher water absorption tiles will increase the water content of, judging by the drop method, tiles instead of shown as little water absorption,

results do not indicate their level of water absorption.

   water absorption of ceramic products can be divided into: porcelain tiles, stoneware tiles, fine porcelain stoneware tiles, stoneware tiles, earthenware tiles. Porcelain tile water absorption rate of less than 0.5% of ceramic tiles, porcelain dongpeng company

Tile water absorption at 0.1%; stoneware tile water absorption greater than 0.5% less than 3% of ceramic tiles fine stoneware tiles water absorption greater than 3% less than 6% of ceramic tiles, and stoneware tiles

water absorption is greater than 6%, not exceeding 10% of ceramic tiles ceramic tiles means water absorption greater than 10% dry-pressed ceramic tiles, they refer to the national implementation of the standards.