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public place in the living room can be said to be the whole family, family reunion, reception, etc. Therefore, the living room wall paint color choices to choose a lighter color, can make one Fang Song mood color. Choose light colors paints, can soothe the soul, with the sweet feeling of warmth. Light colors of paint to light scattering, maintain indoor light without glare, and cooling heat sink, use a lot. Yantai decoration NET designer thought a pale orange dress up the living room is a good idea.

     living room is the main place of daily life, is also responsible for welcoming the task. Appropriate to use light colors lighter color, such as white, light green, light blue, can relax and body care. Use warm paint also allows guests to feel at home.

orange is warm, not too strong, creating a warm, warm living room. Fairytale candy Orange, add intimacy to your living room, and people tend to become friends again, more and more harmonious atmosphere. Have a good latex paint--Garbo Wan Yijin mounted resistance to scrubbing latex paint for interior wall, I believe that many consumers have heard of this brand of Yantai. Quality is good and the price is also not very expensive, very suitable for the ordinary consumer level. This product is highly practical, can be used to address the issue of new or second-hand House wall. Scrub resistance, mold proofing antibacterial, moderate price, users who want to step on a budget may wish to consider.