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Feng Shui is not simply the home needs for commuters, Feng Shui is more important in the Office, and the amount of money in your Pocket is directly related to your standard of living, the following Feng Shui knowledge must be careful as well.


(1) Office Feng Shui to head or head, to find auspicious directions.


(2) the Office shall be larger than the door opposite the gate, because you win on the momentum, a small fall.


(3) Office of water seepage through ceilings or walls, leaks or cracks, is a symbol of fiscal leakage, quick remedy.


(4) Office of the higher ceiling for Kat so low feeling unlucky and business promotion, and ventilation is poor.


(5) the Office door is very sensitive to the telephone poles, trees, chimneys and the street.


(6) the head of the Office of the Director, and next to the tap leaking money, must have strong backers.


(7) Office staircase is not facing the door, or qi is flush with the exhaust, wealth, and health.


(8) the financial position of the Office, the door diagonally, this bright, clean, avoid an empty net, holiday flowers.


(9) into the Office door, beside the toilet is fierce. Because toilets blocked angry come in, so the wealth and business interests.


(10) the Office without Windows is fierce. Because the air is unable to communicate, lifeless.


(11) desk on the toilet door, toilet sewage gas fuming, long lost.


(12) the desk is not worn or damaged, otherwise the transport path loss.


(13) the best desk is made of wood, iron and steel will affect the magnetic field, a little poor.


(14) should not be above the desk beam or chandelier, or detrimental to the advancement, wealth.


(15) behind the desk the most taboo into an empty net. So-called open goal is to the rear is a door or window. Lack of security, most difficult to concentrate on my work.


(16) the principal or supervisor's desk on a toilet, to affect the overall operations and business development, while wealth destruction is quite large.


(17) the best desk end against the wall, a more solid, very sensitive to the desk diagonal.


(18) behind the desk had to be fixed, is very sensitive to the rear walkways or walking. Because of the lack of security, and ill at ease.


(19) behind the desk must have backer. So-called backer is a wall, has backed acts surer, to help business. Desk of the head or accounting, privacy is good.


(20) Office of the light should be bright, and the light is natural sunlight is best, artificial light is bad.