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Miss Wang in Shenyang chose a beautiful furniture for the new House. Furniture home, Miss Wang threw a family, furniture and décor not only don't match, is not the right size. Ms Wang says bedroom colors warmer, and wardrobe colors too cold; for the study, because the line and switch positions is done, a new desk in the back, but I can't make the lamp on the table directly connected to the power supply.

according to unify international furniture designer Mr Li said that Wang's illness is "decorated before you buy furniture." "When in the decoration, did not consider his place furniture, the decoration industry is very taboo.

Mr LI told reporters, for now, the repair industry has a common "furniture that" core content is determined by furniture home improvement and decorating style. "To the style of furniture to decoration styles are usually more, to locate furniture and décor style, usually in a tired furniture selection, and will often have some regrets.

unify Home designer Mr LEE, once renovated, is a typical construction mode. Designers follow a predetermined style bedroom ceilings, walls, floors and other parts, then its style with furniture and accessories. Finished interior, refractory established styles of furniture became the most frequently asked questions.

fast development of Chinese furniture market and furniture of various styles one after another. And because furniture carries the role of space-an important role, so the furniture style should be selected according to the style of the room, sometimes even up to the style of furniture to the room's style is more typical and pure.