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If the 2012 legends can be ignored, but the current air pollution must be treated as a priority, otherwise people's "lungs" end. Effective control of the Government on the one hand, on the other hand in the face of environmental pollution, people should learn how to breathe?

  1. out. Under poor outdoor air quality, reducing outdoor activities is essential, also note that, if the effective ventilation of the Interior, that the Interior of "gas" not less than outdoor. How to open the window? First and foremost is the concept of ventilation is the best way to filter, works better than any filter effects, but ventilation should pay attention to the time, the best Windows that open from 10 o'clock in the morning until 3 o'clock in the afternoon, in fact, during morning and evening peak is to avoid opening the window, thus avoiding a car exhaust and other pollutants from entering.

2. effective ventilation. Windows is really the best way, but there are a lot of drawbacks. Air quality experts: Homestead described foggy Windows open for ventilation effect, in fact, is because the outdoor air quality can not be guaranteed, is not an effective means to filter. Fresh air system installed in your home can be a good solution to this problem, because fresh air system filters, effectively avoid the drawbacks of simply fenestration.

3. indoor air emissions. Reduce outdoor activities are concentrated in the Interior, especially in offices and homes, is the best place to stay for a long time people one day. Because of the crowded, ventilation and became a top priority, indoor air pollution discharges.


is the most effective air purifiers and ventilation system, Purifier due to very early into the Chinese market, are deeply rooted, but awareness of fresh air system in China are not high, as early as in 2000, European countries generally will include fresh air system in the interior decoration of products and repair criteria for inclusion. Sen group in 2003, the first "air system", "Kang Shu system" these concepts to China, after nearly 10 years of development, various products by air also went into the homes of ordinary people.

sales from energy-saving effect of outdoor air system currently on the market are mainly divided into two kinds: with and without heat recovery with heat recovery. From the perspective of the primary, the overall system and stand-alone installations.

Sandh products as an example, the General called heat recovery ventilation system with heat recovery ventilation system, such as the sendekangshu fresh air system. No ventilation system with heat recovery is generally called a simple ventilation system (actually the equivalent of air leakage system), such as Sandh air system can be easily. These two products are part of the overall system installed fresh air system, require cloth, design and installation of air and return air, punch the wall construction is more complicated, more suitable for early in the building construction, or in a House before you decorate to design and install, have renovated houses, construction is very difficult. It is also currently on the market, almost all of the new products are common problems.