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Xuanwu District in old residential buildings has lived for nearly 10 years, 2 months ago, he replaced all the furniture, when choosing a wardrobe and floor, with special attention to environmental issues. Replaced furniture Hou, he for has long time ventilation, also didn't feel indoor has odor, recently temperatures declined, he rarely door open window, results feel indoor began constantly appeared odor, please to indoor environment pollution people monitoring, found wardrobe and the floor are didn't problem, monitoring personnel told he, problem eventually out in new for of several Tang indoor door Shang, its formaldehyde and benzene of content are exceeded more times. Interior wooden door decoration is an important product, informal existence of formaldehyde emission standard and quality problems such as counterfeiting material tree species, seriously harming the interests of consumers, Interior wood doors forest variety of what's selected?

     problem: wood door type has which, main materials is what, their has what features? answered: (wood industry association head Wu Bian reply) wood door form more, and type more, grade also more, I think more reasonable of a classification, is national forestry Council of standard--indoor wood quality door LY\1923-2010, Portal classification according to structure, and materials, points has three class: wood door, and wood composite door and wood quality composite door. Solid wood door refers to door leaf and door frame is made of solid wood, needs the door leaf and door frame made of the same species or the same made of gluelam wood door, interior door sets include cheese plates, front panels, high requirements for decorative effect.

     solid wood composite door with decorative veneer surface materials, requirements for interior materials a bit wide, the surface must be decorative veneer. Wood composite doors, in addition to other than the previous two, the rest are called composite wood doors. Identifies the worst on the market today, is mixing up composite solid wood doors and wood composite doors.

     problem: wood quality composite door or molded door, whether must low quality, and pollution big? answered: (decorative material Association members Zhang Mr reply) now many consumers, think molded door is is low-grade of a door, but, wood quality composite door, is in density Board of based Shang posted wood skin, do out of composite door, density Board of flat degrees very good, special for posted wood skin. Molded high-density fiberboard, is made from wood fibers forming through the device. For example more than 10 men, die  70, 80, a mould cost millions of dollars, made out of moulded door is not cracked and water resistance, the same type, suitable for industrial life. And really low-quality moulded door is forming the second moulded door, what equipment does not require investment, softening bought fiberboards, then used a simple mold out. As moulded wooden door is made of two pieces of modeling and simulation of wood HDF door skin, and is formed by mechanical pressing, fibreboard contained higher levels of formaldehyde, materials specifications, process not standardized molded doors, environmental protection will be greatly reduced.

     question: wood grade and price in the market is how to differentiate? answer: (wooden door salesman Chen replies) solid wood doors of hundreds of dollars in the market, basically not real wood doors, in 2500 Yuan Tang following price of solid wood doors, not real wood. 3000 Yuan to door is generally below the compound. There are Dragon skeleton, wooden veneering, also called solid wood doors, businesses wanted his products with high value is in fact solid wood composite doors, but cancelled the compound of two words.