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Reduce the risk of decoration
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Reduce the risk of decoration

      choosing the right market     to reputable market to buy materials. Compared with the smaller building materials city, have a certain scale, management and specification of products sold in the market, prices are high, but the quality is guaranteed. Consumers must not lose, regret.

       pick your company        choose company not just for the sake of cheap, do not choose the road "guerrilla", so as not to be deceived no channel of complaint. Formal must choose reputable home improvement companies, ensure the quality of home decoration.


       signed the contract        when consumers sign contracts with the company, be sure to clarify contract before signing, such as material, duration, price, warranty period, settlement of disputes and so on, so as not to encounter the problem and responsibility are not clear.


       shopping        purchase materials as far as possible to shop around, take a few more markets. Aim is to save money, instead of cheap, if they are look alike product, great price disparities, and their quality varies greatly.


       keep notes

       consumers to properly save and statistics of various receipts, for use when a problem occurs.

       complaints        home improvement project if there is a quality problem, reflect new ideas decoration reminds consumers to the company at the same time, also to the market management departments. If not reasonably resolved, association or administration and home to the consumers ' Association ... If the mediation may initiate litigation to the people's Court according to law.


       protection methods        If not satisfied with quality of decoration, decoration company was unable to reach a consensus, you can resolve disputes through, could negotiate with the operators solve or request "tags" mediation; appeal to the relevant administrative departments; or under arbitration agreements with operators, Arbitration organization for arbitration; can also be submitted to the court proceedings.