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Regulated step real estate trusts "issued against"

after a step the regulation of real estate has become a hot potato in China, wanted to share but to take into account the consequences---according to data newly released by the Association of Chinese trust industry, new real estate trust balance increase decrease in the third quarter. But the yangcheng evening news reporter found that real estate trusts as a pillar of the industry, after several weeks of accelerated last week after the weak release speed.

trust analyst of yangcheng evening news reporter said the new product 1-3 years after the normally paid, current price products affected by the crackdown does not directly release; the current trust companies betting on the future prices can stabilise or even rising slightly.

the trust industry "against" hair products

6th, Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao in Russia Saint Petersburg, said China cut rates was "State firm policy." "To curb excessive price increases" clearly falling housing prices, real estate policy environment are also transferred from the bleak autumn "winter".

Trust Association's latest data show, the end of the third quarter, industry-wide Fund Trust for 3.9 trillion yuan, 67.98 million Yuan into real estate funds balance, the total balance of 17.24%. Second half of the year, real estate trust product issuance significantly slowed, balances rose 11.83 million yuan in the second quarter, balance the chain only grew by more than 7 million yuan in the third quarter.

previously, including trust, founder of East Asia trust in the Bohai Sea, the Sichuan trust rumors, MINMETALS trust real estate trust products are suspended, banks also evasive on trust products, once called the media real estate trust to be "out of Lakes." Rumors quickly clarified, however, real estate trust never disappeared---"can find purple on the information platform for our trust, AVIC, Xinhua trust and many of the trust company real estate trust for sale products", Yi Yue Ting, trust Studio analyst on yangcheng evening news reporter said.

according to statistics, this month 1st has, market Shang on has 8 only real estate trust official issued, average returns rate for 11.06%; recently a support Yu yesterday open sale, is Tibet trust of "century Jincheng specific assets returns right investment collection funds trust plans" SEO project, will raised 10 million Yuan above funds, for by let Chengdu reset into holds of "century Jincheng" real estate project of specific assets returns right, two home developers Chengdu reset into, and Chengdu HTC all into to its legal all of 2 cases land for the products for guarantees.

real estate trusts will be populated next year to honour

"central to push down prices, not particularly big effect on issued by real estate investment trusts. "Trust Yue Ting said that" issuing trust products are generally paid only after two or three years, as long as the real estate company has enough strength to make it through regulation, I believe that future prices will stabilise or even increase, so trust continues to push products. "She believes that more central control resulting in" psychological impact "as investors are likely to avoid real estate trusts, resulting in insufficient demand.

real estate trust business growth in 2009, the first half of this year because of the credit crunch, explosive growth in the related trust products. "Especially the first half of this year from May to July, issued very intensive. "Yue Ting estimated at 1-3-year payment period to calculate real estate trusts have more next year to honour, the highest concentration of honour in the year 2013.

If House prices into the downward cycle, intensive cash trigger risks? After all, compared to bank loans, trust of many higher financing costs. Industry insiders say, risks associated with trust investment: loan investment, risk, developers may not afford; if the equity investment, the developers in sales only to pay off his debts, risk borne by the trust of investors, an asset impairment are more likely to occur, but not "Peregrine".

platform data according to the trust, property trust issued to 58.88 billion yuan this year, of which about 17 billion yuan for trust loan class.

real estate expert Han with a clear "bearish". "Foreign real estate trusts are REITs, real estate trusts are essentially domestic bank loans in disguise, funded mainly from bank financial products. Once the developers funding break, principal and interest are paid. "He said to yangcheng evening news reporter, property trust financing costs often exceed the sum of 20%, for bridging loans can be, one will have to honour the term risk.