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How far House prices back to reasonable

November 6 Premier Wen Jiabao in Russia Saint Petersburg, again emphasized that policies to cut rates is a national firm, unwavering, the goal is to keep housing prices down to a reasonable price. This is the first time the Chinese Government explicitly stated "cut price" and the "curb excessive price increases" in contrast. Public opinion again: prices how far is it to return to a reasonable price? Property market is still in a stalemate where to go? Reporters interviewed experts and various sectors of the market.

"Premier Wen sent the strongest signal in the latest statement, clarifies Central Government commitment to the market regulation, express will continue to maintain the current market regulation and more good order and structure determination. This is still in the fog of the real estate market to find direction. "The Vice President of the China real estate Association Kwok-keung said it also to those who expect policy to rescue, chances of psychological investment pledge pouring cold water, let them save final fantasy.

National League Vice President Chen Baocun real estate manager in an interview with Ta Kung Pao, said judging from the real estate investment, investment in real estate investment is more than 30%, is high performance from national home prices, this year prices are still higher than last year, but price cuts are limited to the outskirts of Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and other cities, even two or three-tier cities rose more than 1 time. At this stage some of the real estate project price adjustment, Chen Baocun believes that more of a real estate marketing strategy.

banking: credit seeking structural adjustment

"the original individual housing loans accounted for more than 60%, now down to less than 20%. "Zhou, a commercial bank credit manager facing the housing industry slump, sad to say.

major banks by policy shocks, while also looking for a breakthrough, for structural adjustment. He said: "through the transformation of marketing ideas, bank earnings can still achieve results. "Before the Bank is mainly based on housing loans, was" to win ", tough policy combined with tight credit, major commercial banks have put the main lines in high profit business and consumer loans. Taking "quality for quantity", although the credit number to significantly reduce, but you can maintain comprehensive income balance, to make up for losses and calming policy.

reporters found that already ahead and significant gains in many commercial banks. Meanwhile, State-owned banks, including the Bank of China is considering adjusting tactics to meet the market's downward trend.

Developer: with pressure to spend the winter

regulatory policies step by step upgrading, severity of unprecedented in history, funding chain of real estate developers are facing a major test. China real estate managers ' Union Secretary-General Chen Yunfeng, Deputy General Manager of the newspaper, Beijing huaye real estate said the national policy not be loosened for tightening, developers ' financing difficulty.

Chen Yunfeng exclaimed: "comparison of the good old days, tell the truth, our operating pressures are really big now. "Based on WIND data show that trust financing for the first three quarters of this year has reached 220.5 billion yuan, far exceeding the scale. "It shows that, in the case of frustrated many financing, real estate companies at high cost of trust financing, was forced to do it. Trust financing currently costs around 15%, in order to develop, the developer is working in the industry. "Chen Yunfeng said.

but views about the market turning point comes, he believes that China's housing market turning points does not come. "China's real estate market as a whole is currently, a city some areas showed signs of price cut, while two or three cities even higher. "He is expected before the end of the, some developers to withdrawal of funds may take a discount approach to promotion, while buying a House can be described as a good time.

prospective owners: so far nothing price

most owners think, relax and gradually from the current national policy of not reaching signal view, prices will decline in the future. But reporters found Beijing commercial housing residential price promotions are mostly far in Tongzhou, yizhuang, Fangshan and other rings other than, such as Dongcheng, Xicheng and Haidian area of secondary age longer, but due to the transport facilities, prices remained at around 38,000 yuan per square meter.

Bai Guangsheng married ready home buyers contacting the REALTOR showings, "media said Beijing housing prices plunge, inflection point here! But there is no actual price. Now housing only about 30,000, 50,000 yuan, only a fraction of the total price! ”

despite the disappointing, but he said, "buying up not buying down" mentality is not correct. 2010 was regarded as "the most severe in the history of eight new countries" when introduced, appeared at the end of a slightly lower. Less than half a year until the middle of 2011, house prices rose again compared to a year earlier. "So when the developer discount good time, really want to buy can't wait. "Bai Guangsheng said.