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Luoyang best company five star standard decoration

for many decorated users, probably do not understand what is decorated five-star standards, and the standards for them, it is essential, because of this standard, is like having a repair company can measure the ruler of all services, or display the truth of a decoration company in the x-ray machine, and truly allow consumers to maintain their own interests

     currently, most of consumers in select decoration company of when, often just through understand company of price and designer of design programme this two aspects to as select decorative company of main according to, certainly for consumers for this is most intuitive of, actually, a items decoration engineering can smooth delivered customer using and reached customer satisfaction not only depends on price and design two aspects, decoration is a complex and cumbersome of production process, Involving many links, without scientific management and high sense of responsibility, and will not be able to produce works that satisfy consumers, from the initial design, material purchase, construction management, technical inspection and warranty service, is the renovation of the entire service process, one part of mismanagement will give consumers a great deal of trouble. Therefore, only the strict implementation of the standardized service businesses can really help to consumer satisfaction.

     decoration of the standard includes the following aspects:

   , design standardization:

specific for, design standardization including designer service standardization program, design drawings standardization specification (effect figure, and original structure figure, and transformation layout figure, and top surface figure, and ground figure, and water circuit diagram, total seven big class drawings), budget system standard program and the increases or decreases items implementation standard program,, has has these standardization program on prevent has project not clear, and lost items leak items and the low quotes high spending, situation of occurred, makes customer savvy.

    second, the standardization of materials:

Materials standardization is the decorative use of material must be a regular brands, and material specifications in line with State regulations, not shoddy, moreover, decorating company shall also, in accordance with standardized procedures for acceptance of materials materials, see factory proof and certification, product compliance with the technological requirements and so on, good material is the whole project has a good basis for high quality.

     third, the construction of standardization:

construction management is the most critical link in the home improvement process, construction standard is the home improvement project a top priority, there is no strict standards of construction will cause quality problems decorating the interests of victims, the processes of specification of standard processes and practices States, as long as we can guarantee the quality of decoration company taken seriously.

     four, standardization of acceptance:

     acceptance criteria and standards is the basis for ensuring the quality of construction and decoration company in strict compliance with the standardization process is used during construction and after construction is complete, acceptance criteria for testing in accordance with national requirements, if consumers understand these standards can also be decoration company plays an oversight role.

     five, standardization of services:

      service standardization is fundamental to protect the interests of customers after the renovation, decoration company no after-sales service norms and provisions that can guarantee quality of service, now the decoration company for electronic management of customer profiles, customer service from the date the customer repair tracking, For busy customers of timely delivery of project progress and help or advise customers to arrange work in decoration, decoration of the Butler service is a high standard of service standards.