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Opening season home market had its peak

as the start date approaches, ushered in a home market sales peak. Unlike in previous years is that this year there are more parents choose to purchase school supplies for their children through the network.

children visiting the home shop

under the influence of market sharp decline in trading volume in the new deal, House, home and suffered the embarrassment of the cold season. Among them, sales of large pieces of furniture such as cabinets, sofa beds, as well as flooring, paint and other building material products home stores react the most obvious. However, since mid-August, as the start date approaches, some home stores began to pick up.

IKEA, for example, this reporter recently noted in its stores, although at that time was about 1 o'clock in the afternoon, it is not a holiday weekend, but many people who come to shop.

different from past buyers, the same day, rough estimates of the consumer reporter, 65% consumers side with their children.

in addition, different from the usual number is about the same, reporters from the day three-layer go to layer, find home Studio, Office furniture and bedroom furniture of the three regions almost 1 time times more consumers than any other region.

journalists randomly asked 5 consumers, 4 of which are said to be preparing for the kids school.

and IKEA are basically the same, located in the West loop of Hola has also ushered in the parent visiting the peak. Meanwhile, in response to the opening quarter, Hola in school supplies, and home area have launched special offers.

for example, Philips shuya lamp was 219 Yuan each, price is now 169. The promotions will undoubtedly stimulate consumers ' desire to buy, most direct expression is that all roads lead to longer queues checkout.

Shop madness

the cashier at IKEA, bought nearly 40 journalists met a bed table, nearly 20 small table lamp and alarm clock product of Ms Shen, she told a reporter, he opened a Taobao shopping service online shop, these things should be a lot of friends in her car, at the invitation of helped them buy.

according to Ms Shin, she used mainly to purchase more creative IKEA gadget-oriented, but since August, bed tables, lamps, mugs, as well as of increased demand for food.

reporter home shop in Taobao visit noted that most of the online shop since August 10, students ' necessities of life sales soaring, in Yee, a home store, for example, in August of this year nearly 30% of its product sales from July, compared with the last year increase of nearly 40%.

in this regard, industry insiders say, while online shopping has long been not new sales channels, but after most of the population used the Internet to buy 80 per cent of young people. And now is a generation of children began when receiving kindergarten education, this segment of the population is accustomed to online shopping.

in this regard, the industry generally believe that, with the end of the opening quarter, today's sales peak will disappear. However, with the advent of October, large home stores, or as decoration to season another peak.