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Only the room not enjoy six new marriage law

new judicial interpretation of the marriage law, clearly defined party financed the purchase of property by the husband after marriage, registered in the party's name, as in this part of the property. This is considered community property with the past is completely different, they also caused many people comment. "The new judicial interpretations, the girls and the girls ' mother, either way." A few days ago there was a post in "xici Hutong" suddenly hit, posters are alluding to, judicial interpretation of the new marriage law parent agreed to buy the money against the woman, and after several discussions of female students found, in fact, to deal with this Convention, means a lot.

       6 new judicial interpretation of the marriage law

        option 1

before marriage asked the man to put his mother to sell the House, buy a set, wrote on the couple's name on the certificate, do not do not expect to marry.

comment: this may be a more reliable only in 6 ways, but his responses, and that is not married you!

option 2

two people together to buy a set, but her only bathroom area of money, if after divorce, woman's nail died and left the bathroom, if the man open, to go to the Court against him, he spent money to buy nor sell, he said.

comment: this method will not work in the Court, because the judge will take into account the implementation of convenient. If it involves dividing property in a divorce case, generally are one and give the other party compensation. This divorce is unlikely to happen away from home.

option 3

fee for children requires the husband's surname, children out from the woman's belly, why name your last name, do not give huge name, baby with the woman's last name.

comments: children born to her husband to "major Crown last name", which is a husband or a business? Legal provision for children to the father's surname or the mother's surname, which is decided by the couple consultations, how can mothers make decision without authorization with the mother last name?

        option 4

male room fucking room, interior decoration, the woman responsible for, get rid of hydropower, later divorced, removing all these things, all hydroelectric structures destroyed, it makes you guys feel better after.

comment: well, this marriage is not for you to live purely lurking for future divorce coming. Or, if the House is owned by the man, you split things could be said to destroy other people's property, according to price.

option 5

it's OK not to get married, living together. Don't want children not born, born one, after both parties do not like each other, if the woman wants a baby refused to give him, if a man wants to take House for.

comment: well ... ... All right! You find a man willing to do first.

option 6

anyway, there is one thing women are, well, the woman lived alone to destroy the House a year and was later divorced, your House is sold out, is trying to sell, women of the Internet posting, said the haunted house, there have been homicides.

comment: Oh, my God! In addition to the vandalism, you have to go online to disinformation? You know, just talking about suing you for defamation!

method summary: don't forget, Chinese women now have more boys, not to please me, you don't want to get married, married, also known you born.

review summary: men look, such a woman can do.

marriage experts: estate battle without winners

for judicial interpretations of the marriage law (c) raised after the execution of real estate ownership issues and parts of "the first" case, reporters connection Liu Weimin, a famous marriage. Liu Weimin said that from an overall perspective of the marriage and Family Affairs explained to some of the legal issues involved in a more refined, more clearly defined, so that when courts hear family cases more maneuverability. But that interpretation has some defects, inadequate protection of women's rights.  

Liu Weimin believes that according to Chinese tradition, is generally the husband's House, she bought some bedding and other. After marriage, the woman and take more care of the family and children and other duties. According to the new judicial interpretation, after the divorce, she could face being wiped out.

"which focuses on the protection side, strong side, but without taking into account in particular the country's vast rural realities of marriage and family, without taking into account the protection of rights and interests of rural women in marriage and family, obviously detrimental to vulnerable side. "Liu Weimin said.

he also believes that the new judicial interpretation likely to cause tension between couples, impede real marital relations between spouses, this ligament with the emotional relationships, reduced to naked possession game. "On policy, there are countermeasures. Before the woman could be married, asked her husband put property in the names of both, or even man before marriage her name included a suite. No winners in such a property dispute. "Liu Weimin said.

Beijing Law Association marriage family legal professional Committee Deputy Director Wang Fang is think, actually people in dispute House what return who of when, ignored has tenth article of second paragraph, that married Hou with couples common property loan part, should by housing property people give spouse must compensation, and also to consider property appreciation interests, this is maximum highlights, precisely proved wife and husband as, are can is landlord. It did not purchase and repayment of the woman's spouse for many years, achieving real equality

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