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Increase 10 times Chinese classical furniture of England saviors

recently, a carved English books in Beijing were sold to the high price of 10,000 pounds (about 99,000 yuan), after its owner took in the London auction houses only 980 pounds (about RMB 9708) would take it. In addition, a woman used to block the fireplace Flame Mahogany tapestry screens in the United Kingdom only 40 pounds (about 396), was sold for £ 600 in Beijing (about RMB 5944).

often appears on United Kingdom television home shopping on the famous auctioneer Tom Kean (Tom Keane), Chinese middle class willing to United Kingdom price antiques and to his surprise. In his view, the enthusiasm of the new rich in China will save the dying United Kingdom antique furniture market. Not long ago, he will be 60 British furniture shipped to Beijing, is now in the collection of a new group of about 20 pieces, ready to supply Beijing.

luxury furniture interior decoration company in Beijing's granddaughter says, present small business market has just started, due to lack of references, it is difficult to determine a reasonable price. She believes that Chinese consumers over the next ten years the United Kingdom old furniture needs grow, education Chinese culture class especially liked exotic, elegant and sophisticated technology United Kingdom old furniture.