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Index of national home improvement industry for two consecutive months from the fall

China building materials circulation Association released on August 12, the national home improvement index (BHI) in July to 116.27, fell 7.6%, this is the second consecutive month the index lower.

June home climate index to 125.95, fell 6.6%, there has been a year fell for the first time.

China building materials circulation Association Vice President Qin Zhanxue, told the newspaper in July, fell may be confirmed for June BHI back turning for the first time.

Although constitute one of the BHI's sentiment index rose slightly, but this is mainly July results of the home improvement market for promotions, but its purchasing power index, sales capability index and employment index still fell, indicating promotional effect is not ideal.

in addition, wait still continue to buy real estate, rigid demand is compressed, perhaps until real estate prices rising from a low level in order to truly release. The July national sales area of 64.66 million square meters of commercial housing, 27.34 million square meters less than last month, down by 29.72%, sales of 306.6 billion yuan, 93.4 billion yuan less than last month, fell to 23.35%.

Qin Zhanxue believes that real estate sales and prices falling rapidly, the trend is basically formed, demand is in a "Spring", so BHI good at until after the rebound in real estate sales.

China building materials circulation Association BHI index was launched in March this year, according to the national statistical data on the typical home improvement market, home market sentiment index, purchasing power index, sales capability, index and employment index weighting.

because of the new housing will have to be renovated, BHI index size is not only reflected the prosperity of major home improvement stores across the country, as well as quantifying real estate "rigid demands" of an indicator.