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Matters needing attention

bought a House needs renovation, renovation companies big and small on the market, professional amateur, decoration of the construction methods, the designer level, Builder's skills are not nearly the same, we as owners, mostly renovated layman, then, in the decoration process, we should pay attention to what?

If the decoration without drawings, very likely finished, found a location on the actual use of a socket just forget out. There are bedside light switch by bed blocking the computer cord out of reach socket and so on, so the decoration to anticipate what kind of furniture you want to buy before, budget measurements. Main electrical equipment such as televisions, computers, air conditioners and other outlets, the best video in the living room are pre-installed on both sides, in case bought a sofa and other furniture and found the place does not look good, want to change direction. There is kitchen kitchen outlet Ning more and no less, and you have not taken the need.  

2. Mason.

masonry construction procedures must not be wrong, because Mason live Super trouble to change wrong, at the time of construction should hit the wall hit this brick wall up, wrap the pipes of the package. The second step is to fight, because cement dry completely takes time. Usually not too thick, and tiles must be line post, horizontal even vertical and angle must be touching angle to look good. Toilets should pay attention to tilt, if you want a balcony, balcony table tiles outside, outward tilt, so when it's raining is to drain.  

3. wood.

in the decoration of the main woodworking is wood flooring, wood flooring the best buy in the decoration, decoration company. Because these major repair material things is a sign of rank differ, they must give you the cheapest.

4. the painter.

scratch scratch porcelain water, many choose to use glue hanging decoration companies in construction, mainly due to water up more trouble, but remember that plastic are toxic, do not affect health because of easier.  

5. other.

flooring must be someone there, because these materials we can hardly guarantee that repair company no one steal. Ware best buy holding ware water diagram water electric, on location, or when pipe long enough to buy connectors. Washing machine had better not shower, bathroom too tide will shorten the service life of the appliance.